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Document management systems allow businesses to create, store, retrieve, edit, share and print documents. These systems allow you to work with electronic or paper documents from one interface, greatly increasing the ease with which data can be input and organised. Once created, documents can be easily managed and stored securely. Some document management systems are stand-alone systems, while others are integrated suites that work with other business applications like calendars, messaging and collaboration tools.

Whatever your business, better document management benefits your business short term and long term. Here are five reasons why better document management makes a terrific new year’s resolution.



If your business’s critical data and documents are not organised, you can count on time being wasted. But with electronic document management, you can automatically organise documents by document type, folders and tags so you can quickly locate files and search them far more efficiently than you can with paper filing systems.

With document management software once a hard copy document is scanned into the system you don’t need to rummage through files for that piece of paper ever again, saving time and frustration and preventing the panic when physical copies go missing.



Particularly in industries like banking and law, strict permissions are required for document handling. Document management systems allow you to choose who can access, change or delete files.  You can even set permissions by employee or by document, preventing and tracking any unauthorised access or alterations.


In industries covered by industry or government regulations, document management and its security features assist with compliance and with documentation of compliance. Being able to demonstrate that documents are secure and are handled appropriately can prevent failed audits and reassure clients that their information is protected.



It may not be obvious, but maintaining a room full of standard filing cabinets is expensive. When you factor in all the costs associated with old-fashioned paper-based document management, including the cost of paper, file folders and time spent filing, locating and finding lost files, the costs really add up. A document management system can eliminate or greatly reduce many of these costs by reducing paper filing needs and allowing easy location and searching of documents, cutting the time employees spend tracking down documents they need.



Many of today’s document management systems are cloud-based, allowing document access through phones and tablets. The result is easier, faster collaboration, improved document accuracy and quicker delivery of documents to their intended recipients. Document management systems can prevent problems like simultaneous editing, whilst still allowing all authorised personnel to access documents. Versions and histories of documents are also easily viewed and shared. Systems with robust security maximise employee access to the documents they need and minimise risks associated with convenient document access.



Finally, good document management helps you compete better in today’s marketplace. Document management reduces inefficiencies, prevents security breaches and makes collaboration faster. Moreover, sound document management is great for customer service. When important documents are readily accessible to customer service agents and sales professionals, less time is wasted – time that can be spent keeping customers happy and bringing in new customers.


If you think your business couldn’t benefit from a document management system, it’s time to reconsider. Whatever your industry, document management ultimately cuts costs, saves time, improves security and makes collaboration more efficient. With a document management solution like those offered by Canon, the time you used to spend tracking down or physically securing documents can now be spent focusing on core business processes, better customer service and competing effectively for new customers.

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